Building on over twelve years consulting experience, Tahir has worked for the biggest top tier investment banks both locally and globally.

Tahir has worked on a variety of engagements including business and IT transformation, regulatory change, operating model design, business strategy, and M&A.  He has experience working with senior stakeholders at executive and c-suite level across a range of functional areas including the front office, finance, risk, technology and operations.  Tahir also has experience working with new range technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, analytics and leading Fintech companies.

Tahir is well respected by his peers and seen as a thought leader.  He has managed many different sized teams and is known for his strong leadership skills, business and commercial acumen, communication and presentation skills.  He has also spoken at various public forums in the City of London.

Tahir holds a 1st class degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

This blog will cover topics related to the banking and consulting industry while also providing general business thought leadership.

The views expressed in this blog are my personal views, nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes you will find similar opinions, sometimes you will find differing opinions. Please feel free to leave comments, and interact with the site.

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